The 15th Annual Chicago Disability Pride Parade
Theme to be decided in January
Date: July 21, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the date and time of the 2017 Disability Pride Parade?
    Saturday, July 22. 2017.  Parade steps off promptly at 11 a.m. Post-parade program at Daley Plaza begins at 12:30 PM.

  2. How much does it cost to participate in the Parade?
    There is no registration fee.   However, if people are able, we do suggest a registration donation of $10 for individuals; $25 for not-for-profit organizations; and $50 for for-profit organizations.

  3. Do I have to be a person with a disability to participate in the Parade?
    Absolutely not. The Disability Pride Parade is an opportunity for us to celebrate and strengthen the pride, power, and unity of people with disabilities, our families, and allies. Everyone who believes that disability is a natural part of human diversity and supports Disability Pride is invited to be a part of the Parade.

  4. Can I participate as an individual in the Parade?
    Yes. All organized contingents must register. That is a city requirement. Individuals within these contingents do not have to register. Otherwise unaffiliated individuals will be assigned to the Individual Advocates contingent. We encourage such individuals to register individually, but this is not required.

  5. Do I have to register if I want to participate in the Parade?
    Yes, absolutely. That is a city requirement. All participating contingents must be registered. Individuals within the continents or individuals not connected to a contingent do NOT have to register although it is helpful.  
  6. How do I register to be a participant in the parade?
    Registration to march opens in January, 2018.  

  7. Will reasonable accommodations be provided?
    Yes. But you must let us know your needs by June 7, 2018 We will supply material in large print and Braille and will have ASL interpreters and a few PAs at the Parade. When you register, please indicate what type of accommodation you will need

  8. Are service animals allowed in the Parade?
    Yes, as long as it is identified as a service animal.   No pets are allowed.

  9. Who should I contact if Ihave other questions about registration?
    You can email us at or phone us at or is 708-415-5557

  10. What is the Parade Route?
    We will gather at the staging area at 401 S. Plymouth Court (Plymouth Court and Van Buren, at the rear of the main public library) then
    1. West on Van Buren to Deaarborn
    2. North on Dearborn Street to Daley Plaza
    3. Enter Daley Plaza at Washington Street

  11. How do I get to the Parade?
    Chicago has one of the best accessible public transportation systems in the country. 
    CTA/RTA: All CTA and suburban PACE buses are wheelchair accessible and have video and audio assists.  All information on routes, times and accessibility can be obtained by calling 312-836-7000 or by visiting  Free comprehensive CTA maps will be available at check-in.  Any route that brings you to State or Dearborn and Van Buren will be within ½ block of the parade start. 
    The CTA has available a number of visitor or “fun” passes good for unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains and RTA/PACE buses (except for route 835).  These can be purchased and used by anyone.  These allow you not only to visit the parade and all its activities but also the city sights, as well as friends and family at no additional cost.
    Reduced fare is available for people with disabilities on single rides with an RTA Reduced Fare Card.  The passes are available at most currency exchanges, Jewel and Dominick’s Food Stores and at CTA Headquarters, 567 W. Lake St.

    Accessible “el” stops:  CTA personnel will provide “gap fillers”for entering and exiting trains safely, but be sure to request this when you pay your fare.

    Brown, Pink  and Orange Lines: Library/State St. stop is directly at start of parade.
    Red Line: Jackson/Adams stop
    Blue Line:  Jackson/Adams stop
    Green Line:  Transfer at Clark and Lake to either Brown or Orange Line to Library/State St. stop.  You may have to cross over tracks to the other side (accessible and easily done)
    Purple and Yellow Lines:  Transfer to Red Line at Howard
    All transfer points downtown have TTY phones:  1-888-282-8891; elevator status line:  1-888-968-7282 updated every four hours.

    METRA: A $5 unlimited pass, good for both Saturday and Sunday, is valid on all lines except the Illinois Central and South Bend.  Most downtown blocks are ½ the length of regular city blocks, so don’t let the numbers be discouraging,
    Union Station:  parade start is 8 blocks east; 1 ½ blocks south.
    Northwestern/Ogilvie Station: parade start is 4 blocks south; 8 blocks east.
    LaSalle St. Station:  parade start is 4 blocks east.
    IC/Randolph: parade start is 6 blocks south; 3 blocks west.

    Accessible Taxis:  Call 800-281-4466.  You can place a time order up to 48 hours in advance.  A time order, however, is not required and you can call an accessible taxi at any time.  All Chicago taxi rates, rules and regulations apply.

  12. What are the drop-off and pick-up addresses for paratransit?
    If you are marching in the parade, give paratransit 401 S. Plymouth Court as the drop-off address. The pick-up address at the end of the parade at Daley Plaza is 50 W. Washington.

  13. How long is the Parade Route?
    A little more than a mile through the heart of downtown Chicago.

  14. Where should we park on the day of the Parade?
    There is limited street parking but four public parking garages within one block of the start of the parade and six garages near the end of the parade.  We’ll give you a detailed map later.

  15. We want to do a float for the Parade. What do we need to know?
    All floats in the Parade must be street-legal. We suggest that you contact a Float company, such as Associated Attractions or ABC Floats, for more information on the specific dimensions and requirements of floats in the City of Chicago.

    ABC Parade Floats 3375 W. Columbus Ave. Chicago, IL 60652 (773) 436-4499 Phone (773) 436-0356 Fax Web Address: Email:
    Associated Attractions 4834 S Halsted St, Chicago, 60609; (773) 376-1900

  16. What happens if it rains?
    We will be marching rain or shine, so come prepared.

  17. What is a Grand Marshal?
    The Grand Marshal leads the Parade. The person chosen as Grand Marshal embodies the principles of the Parade.

  18. Who is this year’s Grand Marshal?
    This year's Grand Marshall will be chosen by January, 2018

  19. Will there be entertainment at the parade?
    We begin working on entertainment in March 2018.  If you have any suggestions or questions about entertainers, please email us at or phone phone #  is 312.502.7663 (voice)

  20. What else is happening over the weekend?
    On Friday, July 21, we will have an Open Mic/Poetry Slam.  Details TBA.

  21. Can I make a donation if I can't come?
    Yes, please do! We need all the financial help we can get. It takes a lot of money to put together a parade: stages, tents, sound systems, programs, port-a-potties, permits.   You can donate online via credit card.  Check the home page of the site.  You can also send a donation via snail mail. 
    Please make checks payable to The Disability Pride Parade Association.  Please mail all donations to:
    Disability Pride Parade
    40 E. Chicago, Suite 231
    Chicago, IL  60611

  22. Are donations tax-deductible?
    Yes, The Disability Pride Parade Association is a 501(c )(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations and co-sponsorships are tax deductible.

  23. How can I volunteer and help out?
    We can use all kinds of help, from stuffing envelopes to making posters to returning phone calls. Please e-mail us at if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

  24. What is disability pride?
    Sarah Triano, founder of the Disability Pride Parade, set the goal: “To promote the belief in society that Disability is a natural and beautiful part of human diversity in which people living with Disabilities can take pride.” That's a personal and radical concept. Persons with disabilities must live and breathe it in order to communicate it to one another and society.

    We are a society that can not afford to throw away any person.  Life and the many ways in which we live it is a prideful and precious thing.  Not only do we as disabled people need to celebrate ourselves, our fellow citizens need to recognize the many ways in which we add to the world.  Disability Pride is knowing that everything we are is something in which to take pride.

  25. Why are we having a parade about disability pride?
    The sad sack, the brave overcomer, and the incapable are worn-out stereotypes the parade refutes by giving us a time and space to celebrate ourselves as we are. First, we want to show the world the incredible joy that exists in our lives. We are part of the richness and diversity of this country and the world. The Parade is an international celebration of our continued and continuing survival. By  marching in this parade, we are giving the world a chance to express pride in us, too! We will not hide behind doors. We are in the street!

  26. I can't make it to Chicago on July 21. What can I do in my own community to celebrate disability pride?
    A gazillion things: Reach out to folks with disabilities with activities promoting positive self-image, build a cross-disabilities community, expect the best from people and you'll get it
    • Have your own parade! It doesn’t take much except pride (and an ability to work VERY hard).
    • Have a picnic and make sure it’s accessible to everyone.
    • Do a ribbon day! Have every one in your church, college, business, nursery school, etc., wear green, orange, and purple ribbons for the day.
    • Take out an ad in your local newspaper and write about Disability Pride.
    • Call a popular radio station in your town and see if they’ll let you talk about disability pride.

    Whatever you do – understand that the more we do the more our pride shines and grows. All people with all kinds of disabilities have a right to be proud! We intend to say it, sing it, walk and talk it… we are and intend to be proud. JOIN US!

  27. What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor?
    Organizational listing on all Disability Pride Parade promotional materials;
    Organizational logo and link on the official Disability Pride Parade website ( and The exclusive right to set up an information booth/table at the post-Parade celebration.

  28. What is required of sponsors?
    • Make a donation to the effort; Use PayPal or your own Visa, Master Card. See Home page
    • Help publicize the Parade and celebration through e-mailings, "snail" mailings, postings on your website, phone calling, announcements in your newsletter and at your meetings;
    • Commit to sending a representative from your organization to the Parade.
  29. Who should I contact if I, or my organization, wants to become a sponsor? 
    Click on the menu item:  DONATE/SPONSOR and follow the instructions.  

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